Massage Treatments

There are many treatments available. Please have a look to see which treatment may be the best for you and your needs. Keep in mind all treatments are tailored to meet your specific needs.

If you have any questions please feel free contact me.

Remedial Massage

My specialty and definitely the most popular treatment at Got Your Back. Using a combination of deep tissue massage with Trigger Point Therapy and Tendon/Ligament Relieves deep muscle tightness, regains loss of movement from old/recent injuries.

Great for migraines. tennis/golfer elbow, Sciatica, Wry Neck and much more.

Dry Needling

Focuses on deactivating Trigger Points to provide total relaxation in commonly persistant tight muscle sites of your body. Think of that shoulder that is always tight making your neck stiff or that glute that always gets Sciatica, this is a sure fire way to to give you longer lasting results when paired with Remedial Massage or on its own.


Using the traditional glass cups and fire method this is a fantastic way to relieve the tight superficial muscles and fascia to get to the deeper muscles without as much pain as Remedial Massage alone it is deeply relaxing as a treatment on its own. Great for tight muscles, relaxation and detoxing.


Do you just need some time out, a break from the daily rush or just some you time to be pampered and forget about it all? If you answered yes this is the treatment for you! Also a great                     


A calming, gentle massage to nuture the Mother to be. This can be to ease any aches and pains that may occur as your body changes through out the different stages of pregnancy. As your baby grows and you are unable to lay on your stomach a side lying position is a great option.